Song – And Lovin’ You


  • Bob Gibson
  • Tom Paxton


  • Robert Josiah Music
  • Pax Music

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A haunting, image-driven love song, carried by a lyrical banjo part written by two master songwriters.

One-stop license for Bob Gibson/Uptown Saturday Night) available through Wixen Music.


And Lovin' You

That cold Chicago wind
was howlin’ down the street
The rain had turned to sleet
If I decide to go,
it will commence to snow
It’s overdue
’Twas on a night like this
I blew in through your door
I asked for kindness
and you gave me that and more
You taught me how to do
the things that lovers do
Like comin’ through and lovin’ you

I’ve got my banjo tuned,
but now I’ve lost the band
I must have missed a turn
I’ll never learn, it seems,
my music is my dreams
It’s what I do
They’ve closed the hall
and put away the microphones
I’m all alone
and idly scratching at the strings
But then my banjo sings,
as banjos often do
Of comin’ through and lovin’ you

We heard John Lennon play,
he sang Norwegian Wood
We thought he hung the moon
The sunlight on your floor,
you didn’t work till four
That afternoon
You took a stranger
to an unfamiliar shore
Another country where
he’d never been before
You taught him how to do
the things that lovers do
Like comin’ through and lovin’ you

Words & music by Bob Gibson and Tom Paxton
(Robert Josiah, BMI/Cherry Lane, ASCAP)

And Lovin' You

by Bob Gibson, Tom Paxton, Anne Hills | Best of Friends