Song – George Washington and the Cherry Tree


  • Bob Gibson


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Children’s song with good advice about how to grow up honest enough to be president.


George Washington and the Cherry Tree

Mister Washington the elder
Said to George, his son
“Someone chopped the cherry tree
My boy, were you the one
And were you in the backyard, George
And did you chop the tree
I would like your answer, Son
Please tell the truth to me”

And George said, “Who me?”

George the senior spoke again
Said, “Look me in the eye
Did you chop the cherry tree
Now don’t tell me a lie
The tree our family loved, my son
We used to watch it grow
Tell me if you did it, George
That’s what I want to know

And George said, “Which tree?”

“You know very well which tree
The one that grew out back
Did you take your hatchet, George
And give that tree a whack
Tell me if you did it, Son
Chopped it to the ground
Or else I’ll lose my patience
If you keep fooling ‘round”

And George said, “Well, I, uh, I cannot tell a lie, Father”

“Yes, my father, I will tell
The truth to you right now
I was playing and my hatchet
Chopped the tree somehow
I am very sorry, Dad
That you are mad at me
But I misbehaved and I
Chopped down the cherry tree”

George said, “Boy, I really did it this time, didn’t I? I’ll probably get grounded for a month, huh?

“Oh, no” says George the senior
“For you are my darling son
And I’ll forgive you anything
Your name is Washington
And you have told the truth to me
About the incident
And a man so honest, straight and true
Should be the president

Words & music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

George Washington and the Cherry Tree

by Bob Gibson | Flying Whales and Peacock Tales