Song – Happy Birthday Card Song


  • Bob Gibson
  • Dave North


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Happy Birthday Card Song

Did the mailman bring some cards your way
To help you celebrate your special day
I think some people just forgot
To send the cards you never got
Here’s what I think they should have said
And then just forgot to say

The man who runs the ice cream store
Makes ice cream sundaes by the score
His card should tell you what he plans to do
Invent a flavor full of fun
And sell a ton to everyone
And name it Happy Birthday just for you

I think the toy store man should find
A card that says he’s got in mind
If you drop in then you should take away with
In a sack or in a bag in
Side the back of your red wagon
Every single toy you want to play with

The principal from school you know
Should send a card to let you go
And take an extra day off with a friend
And if one day is not enough
Take two, forget your books and stuff
He’ll be glad when you return again

And in the White House you know who
Should go and find a card for you
Something he could sign and send your way
What I think his card should say is
It’s your birthday, celebrate
He’s making it a national holiday

You didn’t get a card from me
I couldn’t find the one, you see
To tell you of all the things I’m gonna do
I’m gonna bring some friends along
To help me sing these birthday songs
Sing these happy birthday songs for you

There’s silly ones with funny jokes
There’s different strokes for different folks
And that’s my singing birthday card for you

Words by Bob Gibson and David North/Music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

Happy Birthday Card Song

by Bob Gibson | A Child's Happy Birthday