Song – In This White World


  • Bob Gibson
  • Shirley Sealy
  • Blanche Hardin
  • Gail Pitts


  • Robert Josiah Music
  • Sanga Music

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Song Notes

Soaring, melodic, emotional tribute to the joy of skiing, being on the mountain, flying through the air.


In This White World

AKA In This Wide World

In this white world that reaches the sky
I’ve found a future for me
Just standing there on a high mountain side
I’m ruler of all I can see
The snow is my lover, the sun is her kiss
The wind sings a love song to me
With the wind and the sun and a vast snowy run
Then just like an eagle I’m free

For my skis are the things that give me my wings
And make me an eagle and free

If you see a track in the power-white snow
Etching a trail ’neath the sky
Then look for a skier whose heart’s in the clouds
And the song in his heart tells you why
He soars through the spaces, he flies through the trees
He races the wind rushing by
For here is a man with his spirit fulfilled
An eagle who must ever fly

For his skis are the things that give him his wings
And make him an eagle and free

Words & music by Bob Gibson, Shirley Sealy, Blanche Hardin and Gail Pitts
© Robert Josiah Music 50%

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