Song – Innuik The Eskimo


  • Bob Gibson
  • Dave North


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Innuik The Eskimo

On top of the world where there’s nothing but snow
And nobody lives but the brave Eskimo
You’ve got to be tough and you’ve got to be strong
For the cold winter’s night is at least six months long

The sun never rises for half of the year
You stay in your mukluks and cuddle up near
And try to stay warm while the whale blubber burns
Through six months of night till the sunshine returns

When springtime has come to the Arctic at last
You’re glad that the six months of darkness has passed
The nighttime is over, you greet the new day
And now for six months you can go out and play

One little Eskimo, Inniuk by name
Had waited all winter ’til spring finally came
Inniuk the Eskimo, pleased as can be
Said, “Today is my birthday, come share it with me”

Eskimo children came to his igloo
Sayin’, “We’ve come to join in the party for you
Let’s start the party, your birthday’s today
And the fun should go on for six month anyway”

They played Pin the Tail on the polar bear skin
And chewed on some blubber till all of them grinned
They made so much noise you could hear them in Nome
When the party was over they all headed home

So here’s to an Eskimo birthday for you
Six months of joy that I wish for you too
Six months of fun I will wish you and then
Another six months of the same thing again

And there’s one more reason I made up this song
I hope your birthday will last six months long
Ask all your friends and I think they’ll agree
And here’s a warm happy birthday from Inniuk and me

Words by Bob Gibson and David North/Music by Bob Gibson

© Robert Josiah Music

Inniuk the Eskimo

by Bob Gibson | A Child's Happy Birthday