Song – Seymour The Birthday Skunk


  • Bob Gibson
  • Dave North


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Seymour the Birthday Skunk

Here’s a story and it’s no bunk
It’s all about the birthday of Seymour Skunk
He’s the skunk that you could find on view
In the skunk department of your local zoo

Seymour decided to celebrate
And have himself a party on his birthday date
And ask each one of his animal friends
So he went to invite them to attend

He said to the monkeys in the monkey square
“I’m gonna have a party, I want you there
But please don’t do what you did last year
Please don’t swing on my chandelier”

“Mr. Boa Constrictor, would you try
To find the time to slither by
Just slip on by and join the fun
But I’d rather you didn’t hug no one”

Then Seymour stopped at the hippos’ pen
Said, “I’m gonna have a party, please attend
And I’ll ask you hippos to please take care
And don’t sit down on my antique chair”

All the animals said, “We’d love to come
It sounds like it’s gonna be a lot of fun
No swingin’ or squeezin’ or sittin’ on chairs
If you won’t do what you did last year

‘Cause you got a problem that you know well
When you get excited you start to smell
We’ll share your birthday date with you
Just spare us your skunky Seymour pew.

When the party arrived nobody was late
Everybody came to celebrate
Seymour stood at his door real proud
Said hello to the animals in the crowd

Well the orchestra got themselves in tune
They started to play by the light of the moon
The cake was cut, the punch was poured
The ostrich blinked and the lion roared

The monkeys started to clap their hands
Everybody danced to the jungle band
They whirled around on the jungle floor
The place was packed, it couldn’t hold no more

The zebras danced with the chimpanzees
The rhino spun with the greatest of ease
The party rose to a wondrous din
It seemed like all the walls would all cave in

Seymour was as happy as a skunk can be
‘Cause this was the party of the year, you see
He was laughin’ and dancin’ and spinnin’ about
He was very excited, there is no doubt

And you know that Seymour didn’t mean to offend
And you know he didn’t mean for the party to end
But he just got excited for a Seymour second
And a skunk’s excitement must be reckoned

So the animals ran till the air was clear
I hope they forget it by this time next year
But Seymour learned what his friends all knew
A skunk’s gonna do what a skunk’s gonna do

Words by Bob Gibson and David North
Music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

Seymour the Birthday Skunk

by Bob Gibson | A Child's Happy Birthday