Song – Skol To The Skier


  • Bob Gibson


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Song Notes

Licensed to Home Ranch website in 2010.


Skol To The Skier

With snow in the air and the wind in our faces
We’re ready to answer the call from the north
In the heart of each skier is the yen to be freer
When winter calls all of the skiers come forth

It’s high in the heavens the sun it is shining
Sending down beams on the glistening white snow
Hark, hear the yodel, the voice from the mountain
And the echo that comes from the valley below

Then high on the summit, we see how they gather
Push off with their poles and a shout, “Undalay!”
A leap and a spring on their sleek wooden wings
Like eagles the skiers take flight and away

A crouch and a spring, don’t you see how they’re leapin’
Skimming off moguls like birds of the air
When faint hearts are failing the skier is sailing
The thrills can’t be numbered for skiers who dare

It’s hail to the winter you men who have dared it
Sköl to the friends and the skiers we know
It’s hail to the frost and the whistling north winds
Sköl to the call of the mountains and snow

Words & music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

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