Song – Snake Cure


  • Bob Gibson


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Snake Cure

The river overflowed its banks
The town was filled with water
“I cannot swim,” said Missus Jones
In anguish to her daughter
“Oh, you get upon the bureau, Ma
I think that other plano-o
And I will accompany you
Upon the grand piano

My grandfather’s horse had the epizoot’
It’s way down in its thorax
Pa stuck a gas pipe down his throat
And filled him full of Borax
Well, Pa, he got at one end
And the horse got at the other
Pa, he blew, but the horse blew too
And the blow almost killed father

A model boy, his mother’s joy
Was little Tommy Ayers
And every night when he went to bed
He used to say his prayers
At first he started meek and low
And then his voice grew louder
“Oh, Lord, please make me pure and sweet
Like Royal Bakin’ Powder”

New words and new music adaptation by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

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