Song – Tom Cattin’ Time


  • Bob Gibson


  • Robert Josiah Music

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The truth about horny cats.

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Tom Cattin' Time

Here am I, and it’s late, I’m alone
Here I lie wide awake, no one’s home
In the alley a tom cat is howlin’ his rounds
For some pretty kitty to come out and paint the town
So it’s late, I’m awake, and I find
I’ve got tom cattin’ time on my mind
Meow, meow, meow

Do you think if I sat on a fence
And meowed like a cat real intense
That some lady might wake and sit up in her bed
And hearing my howl, might it enter her head
Do you think she might answer in kind
She’s got tom cattin’ time on her mind

And if I should meow up at you
Would you throw me a rose or a shoe
Could you understand what I’m trying to say
Or would you telephone to the ASPCA
So I wait by your gate for some sign
That you’ve got tom cattin’ time on your mind

All the cats in my band are the best
They could play night and day without rest
They’re John and Stuart and Howard, you know
But they’re all Tom at heart and they’re ready to go
So if you find that you’re musically inclined
They get tom cattin’ time on their mind

Yes, at night when the stars start to shine
We get tom cattin’ time on our mind
Meow, meow, meow

Words and music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

Tom Cattin' Time

by Bob Gibson | Uptown Saturday Night