Song – Town Crier’s Song


  • Bob Gibson
  • Bob Camp


  • Robert Josiah Music

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Mournful song about an abandoned, heartbroken woman. The Womenfolks version features an amazing alto voice.

Ten O'Clock All Is Well

by The Womenfolk | Never Underestimate the Power of


Town Crier's Song

AKA Ten O’Clock, All Is Well

Ten o’clock, all’s well, ten o’clock, all’s well
Town crier calling, swinging his bell
Ten o’clock, all’s well

Except for the girl with the tear in her eye
Whose sailor has left with a bitter goodbye
He swore on his life they never would part
But he sailed and he left with her heart

Eleven o’clock, all’s well, eleven o’clock, all’s well
Town crier calling, ringing his bell
Eleven o’clock, all’s well

Oh where were her words when he turned to go
Of the new life within her now he’d never know
She walked through the night full of grief and despair
Crying why has he gone and where

Twelve o’clock, all’s well, twelve o’clock, all’s well
Town crier calling, ringing his bell
Twelve o’clock, all’s well

She thought of her man who had sailed away
Not even a kiss when he left that day
She walked to the dock where the sea meets the town
And she stepped from the shore and she drowned

Words & music by Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp
© Robert Josiah Music

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