Song – Wrapping Song


  • Bob Gibson
  • Dave North


  • Robert Josiah Music

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One-stop license for Bob Gibson A Child’s Happy Birthday available through Wixen Music.


Wrapping Song

I’ll get some wrapping paper
And string and tape and stuff
And wrap myself some presents
Until I’ve got enough

I’ll wrap some toys I really like
I’ll wrap my dolls and wrap my bike
I’ll wrap my ball and wrap my bat
I’ll wrap the dog and wrap the cat

I’ll wrap up Grandma in her bonnet
I’ll wrap the couch with Grandpa on it
I’ll wrap my clothes and underwear
And if there’s paper left to spare

I’ll wrap up me and wrap up you
And when my wrapping is all through
I’ll open what I’ve wrapped and tied
And be surprised at what’s inside

Words by Bob Gibson and David North
Music by Bob Gibson
© Robert Josiah Music

Wrapping Song

by Bob Gibson | A Child's Happy Birthday