Song – Mendocino Desperados


  • Bob Gibson
  • Shel Silverstein


  • Robert Josiah Music
  • Evil Eye Music

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  • None

Song Notes

Funny, bawdy tale of two wild hippies traveling from Mendocino to San Francisco with uptempo, catchy refrain.

One-stop license for Bob Gibson Perfect High available through Wixen Music.


Mendocino Desperados

Headin’ south from Mendocino
To descend on Sausalito
Two old desperados drivin’
Like the fallin’ rain

Bound to see the lights and ladies
Hug ‘em up and kiss their babies
Dance along the sparklin’ streets
That lie beyond the Frisco Bay

Brenda fed us chicken curry
Told us, boys, now don’t ya hurry
All the clocks in Petaluma
All have broken down

Off we drove through mud and laughter
Brenda, naked, running after
Yellin’, “Take along some fruit”
And, “Baby, you forgot your boots”

Started drinkin’ in Mill Valley
Stopped at Sausalito Sally’s
She works at the No Name Bar
And gives us drinks for free

Crossed the Golden Gate and almost
Hit a drunken passing lamp post
Wonder of we’ve got the brakes
To hold against these hills

Stopped to have a drink at Perry’s
Broke my heart, broke up a marriage
Please believe me, officer
I tripped and fell on top of her

Can’t recall the Drinkin’ Gourd
Or bein’ thrown out through the door
Of that Polk Street party
That we weren’t invited to

Met a beauty at Enrico’s
Ret a cheapy room in Chico
Find out she’s a guy, well honey
Since we already paid our money

Tourists in the North Beach clip joints
Lady wrestlers, Broadway strip joints
Can you spare some change
And would ya like to buy a lid

See the way their shuffle goes
From Chinatown to porno shows
Feed the longhair street musicians
Dancin’ with the Hare Krishnas

Headin’ back to Mendocino
‘Cross the bridge through Sausalito
Two old desperados weavin’
Through the fallin’ rain

Bound to see our own old ladies
Hug ‘em up and kiss our babies
Crawl in bed and tell ‘em
It’s so good to be back home again

Words & music by Bob Gibson and Shel Silverstein
© Robert Josiah Music / Evil Eye

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